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OBABA Group of Companies resting firmly on a sound Information Technology base started its activities in India in 2013. Since its inception, OBABA Group has spearheaded a revolution in many areas like Information Technology, Industrial Products, Jobs Destination and technology transfer. With a well-planned and farsighted strategy, the Group has built up an enviable reputation and carved a place of pride globally.

Obaba is a team of engineers and technical specialists with diverse expertise that provide services across many different industries on a global level. We specialize in working with our clients to leverage their operational data to optimize operations and deliver improved financial performance in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner.

Group of Companies


Obaba  ERP

Obaba ERP provides a End-to-End Automated solutions for all kinds of Industry Verticals.

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Obaba  Shop

Obaba Shop offers a one stop destination for all kinds of Industrial Products & provides a B2B portal.

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Obaba  Jobs

Obaba Jobs provides the best online job portal to create comfortable and simple communication medium between Job seekers & recuirters.

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Development & Innovation

The fast pace of changing market dynamics and every day new inventions in the field of ERP & Mobile technology, has compelled the IT companies for continuous development & innovations, but at OBABA Group it has been our philosophy since the beginning. Providing innovative and affordable products is the core of our organisational philosophy. OBABA Group offers a variety of Industrial Products, Best Industrial ERP Solutions, One stop destination Job needs, design and a combination of innovative features that are easy to use and are suited for the local requirement and for the preference of different groups.

Our Mission

Superior quality through exceptional innovative technology, customized cutting edge solutions,teamwork & providing End-to-End Software Solutions.

Our Vision

To be the market leader by empowering our customer's life through diversified business and product.